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Since the very inception of Hiretual we teamed up with recruiters like you to make recruiting better. We love our community of recruiters. We are passionate about technology and innovation and when recruiters meet scientists, recruiting has never been so easy.

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Our Mission

Hiretual is a recruiter’s best friend. We are proud of being able to serve our community through pushing the boundaries of innovation. Hiretual keeps making recruiting better and easier.

AI sourcing for recruiters by recruiters

Hiretual converts every bit of professional data from all over the web into your hiring pipeline. Hiretual AI and machine learning technologies is your recruiting process, but 10x faster. Hiretual makes your job easier.

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A community of recruiters

Hiretual is committed to our community not only by making the best product in the space, but also by fostering experts and explorers who share their best practices, tips, and resources.

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Our Vision

Make the internet recruiter friendly, find what cannot be found, and empower 10x faster talent sourcing.

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